M’Goun & Jebel Saghro 15 days Trek

M’Goun & Jebel Saghro 15 days trek : Travel from Marrakech to the Central High Atlas Mountains. The route of our drive is situated perfectly to allow us time to stop and explore the beautiful Ouzoud Falls. The starting point for our trek will be the Happy Valley, and begin the gentle 2 hour hike to our first camp site.



Marrakech – Happy Valley – Arrous

Approximately 2 hours walking, 6 hours driving

Elevation: 1900m

Travel from Marrakech to the Central High Atlas Mountains. The route of our drive is situated perfectly to allow us time to stop and explore the beautiful Ouzoud Falls. The starting point for our trek will be the Happy Valley, and begin the gentle 2 hour hike to our first camp site.

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Arrou – Tizi Oumskik – Plateau Tarkeddit

Approximately 6 hours walking

Elevation: 2990m

Our day begins with a gentle climb to the Circus Timramatiyn Source Oumskiq becoming slightly more challenging, however worth the effort as spectacular views of both the north and south side of M’Goun await!

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Tarkeddit – Ascension M’Goun – ‘Oulilimt

Approximately 7 hours walking

Elevation: 4071m

The day will start early to allow maximum time for our ascension of M’Goun. Ascension of M’Goun is optional, those who wish to opt for the less technical route may continue later in the day with the Multeers. Views of the High Atlas range, Jbel Saghro and the Rose Valley will inspire photographer and non-photographer alike. Descend via a scree slope toward our end point of Wadi M’Goun Oulilimt camp.

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Oulilimt – Oulilimt Gorges – Tighremt n’Ait Ahmed

Approximately 4 – 5 hours walking

Elevation: 2250m

Today we will follow a gentler trail, at a comfortable pace enabling you to recuperate from the exertion of summiting M’Goun. We will set camp in Tighermt n’Ait Ahmed, where you will be free to enjoy the rest of the day relaxing, or exploring the surrounding area.

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Tighremt n’Ait Ahmed – Ouzighimt Valley – Imin Irkt Camp

Approximately 5 – 6 hours walking

Elevation: 2000m

Walking through the beautiful Ouzighimt Valley today will take us alongside the peaceful river, which we will cross several times as it winds across our path. Wander through the string of El Morabitine Berber villages of Ighrem Izderne, and Wawchki. This region is known for the Berber women’s unique costume and hairstyles for traditional festivals.

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M’Goun Imin Irkt Gorges – Achabou – Aguerzage

Approximately 6 hours walking

Elevation: 1700m

After breakfast our trek will take us up the Imin Irkt Gorge. Our campsite tonight is situated opposite the village of Aguerwaga.

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Aguerzage – Valley of Roses – Boutghrar Laurier

Approximately 5 – 6 hours walking

Descending along the banks of the M’Goun River the landscape will become less arid, supporting a lusher environment. Stunning views of terraced agriculture, almond groves, date palms, walnut, apple, cherry and fig trees are sure to delight as we explore this region. In the afternoon we will walk through the heart of the Rose Valley. This evening we will enjoy the comfort of a traditional Berber guest house.

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Boutghrar Hdida – Kelaa of M’Gounda - Saghro

Approximately 2 hours driving

Today will be our transition day, from the High Atlas to the Anti Atlas mountains in the region of Jbel Saghro. Here we will begin our next leg of our journey. In the afternoon we will have the opportunity to relax, enjoy the local surroundings, and meet some of the locals.

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Tagudilt – Almou Nourg

Approximately 5 hours walking

Elevation: 2300m

Our trek begins by walking across the almost flat plateau surrounding Tagudilt, and eventually begins to climb into the Azarzim Pass. Descend into the valley, where we will have the opportunity to relax before dinner, and enjoy the spectacular views.

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Almou Nourge - Igli

Approximately 5 hours walking

Elevation: 1900m

Today we will make our way to the summit of Adrar Kouaoutch at 2592m. After our decent of Adrar Kouaoutch, stop for lunch at Tassigdelt. After a leisurely break and with a full stomach continue into the small hamlet of Igli, surrounded by date palms and almond trees this will be where we set camp.

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Igli – Bab N’Ali

Approximately 6 hours walking

Elevation: 700m

The morning trek will wind alongside the Afourer River. Break for lunch and enjoy the views of the pinnacles of Bab N’Ali. Our camp this evening will also have spectacular views of Bab N’Ali, and you may be fortunate enough to experience a breathtaking site as the sun sets behind the pinnacles, illuminating them in a wash of color.

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Bab N’Ali – Assif N’Irrazzoun

Approximately 5 – 6 hours walking

From Bab N’Ali we will continue to follow the river as is flows down the valley into Irrezzoun N’Imlas. As the landscape become less arid, palmaris and orchards of almond trees, and figs will become more common.

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Assif N’Irrazzoun – Handour Village

Approximately 5 hours walking

After our last trail breakfast we will continue on toward our end destination of Handour Village. Tonight will be spent in a guest house.

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Handour Village - Marrakech

Approximately 7 hours driving

Alas, all great things must come to an end. As we depart this remote and fascinating region, you will have many memories and photos to look back on with fond remembrance. The air conditioned coach will be our transport back to Marrakech.

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Enjoy Marrakech as seen through the eyes of a local, as you are shown the hidden delights of this enchanting city by a local city guide. Shop, explore, and see the delights that Marrakech offers.

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Marrakech Menara Airport

Let us make the final leg of your journey to our mysterious country seamless and stress free, as we transport you to the airport via air conditioned coach.

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Tour Reviews

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July 10, 2016

From the moment our plane arrived in Marrakech Mohamed was available. He met us at the airport and guided us through the most wonderful adventure holiday I have been on. Ensuring that we were settled in our Raid, which he had arranged, we then were guided through the next 15 days with maps and were able to ask any questions. The tour itself was seamless. Mohamed was highly educated and able to answer even the most detailed questions about the region and people. Each day of our trek we were greeted with beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and friendly locals. Mohamed arranged each detail of the adventure, making the planning very simple; not easy to do with a group of 9 people all living in different cities. The accommodations, transportation, hiking route, and one cannot forget to mention the food were outstanding! We must have had one of the best cooks in Morocco join us on our trek and were spoiled each day with fresh salads, cous cous, tajin, pastas, treats , freshly made bread … you name it, our cook Abrahim made it. The end of the tour was just as smoothly planned. Mohamed had arranged for the transportation, and our Riad upon our return to Marrakech, a tour of Marrakech during the ‘free’ day before our flight, and our airport transfer for the return flight. Having all the small details planned allowed us to simply enjoy, stress free, soaking in each moment spent in this wonderful country.
If you are considering an adventure holiday to Morocco I would highly recommend Mohamed and his team. Mohamed made the trek, which exceeded far beyond my expectations!

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